Thursday, 18 September 2014

BIG Changes

So I have again being a bear in a cave with my posting but there has been quite a bit going on as well as all my races. After the championships I had a small vacation in Iceland and then two weeks at home but a week of work to do. Some of our frames had some... lets call it imperfections, and Ridley wanted to further investigate. So I was busy a few days building up new frames before the coming races. I built up a custom frame for the teams newly crowned national champ, but a bad crash in the first race back didn't see that frame last very long and is now hanging on the wall.
The custom frame all built up.

With the July break over, a race in France was the teams usual second half of season kick off. Then home for two days before starting the 3000km trip up to the Arctic, for the Arctic race of Norway which started in Hammerfest. This race took me to the most north point I think I will ever go, North Cape. After this 5 day tour it was 3000km back home again, probably also the most I have driven for a single race, Tour of Serbia was a long drive but I think this trip through Scandinavia was longer (8 days total driving), and nicer. I also got to take in a new country which I haven't done for a while, Finland.
Driving into dusk while going through Sweden.

Stopped for a drive break just before the borders of Finland and Norway.

Standing at the North Cape.

Then I had 5 days off, which I needed just to recover from all the driving. But it would be no days rest for me because I had to pack and move house, and this is where the big changes are happening. Earlier this year Lindsay and I made the decision to sell our house here in Holland, we had the thought of moving home but then an offer came in and we will now move to California. Lindsay was offered a great opportunity in Silicon Valley so we move there at the end of this year. So it is this that has kept me busy outside the races. We have had to sell much of our belongings, even going to a car boot sale to sell some smaller items we no longer needed. I even sold my Dutch town bike as I felt it would not suit the Californian environment. Then finding a short term rental house was another challenge. At this stage we have a rental and are living on bare minimum as we have sold most of our furniture (only cheap Ikea stuff) and have recently sold all our major electrical appliances to a friend that will take them when we move. Next major item to sell is the car but I think Lindsay has someone lined up already. When I stop and think, we came here with just two suitcases and a toolbox, now have a house full of stuff.

After each race the truck must be
unpacked, cleaned out then
repacked, a couple days work just
in that.
On top of all this there is a wedding being planned, yes going to the US means we have to get married. It was planned for 2016 but is now 2 years earlier. So mid November we will be flying home to Melbourne for a quiet small beach wedding with just family and close friends. Early December Lindsay starts her new work but I might stay on a bit longer, to wait for some official documents. I haven't thought about work yet but it might turn out I go back to a shop, plenty of shops and plenty of teams, so I will see what happens. Now I'm in the middle of my last races for the season, possibly for good, I have had to go suit shopping and ring shopping, which is now done with and I can look forward to my last 4 races in Belgium, finishing where it all started.

With everything now mostly organised for the move and end of season around the corner, I might get to throw out a few posts on the back burner. I know I have said that before and I always wish I could have more time, because a blog takes a lot of work and time, something I don't always have. Facebook is a much quicker way to post things. Not sure what is in the future for my blog, need to think about that. But there is just 4 races then a few days in Norway to pack everything away. In regards to the move, just a shipping container to arrange, pack in the sofa, some boxes of personal items, 7 bikes and then pack a bag of clothes and put the cat somewhere, which we must not forget to come back and get. So besides this I will ride the bike a bit if the Autumn stays as good as it is now and maybe try throw out those posts.

Happy riding.

Monday, 30 June 2014

A National Champion

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tour des Fjords

For something different, this time I stuck my Sony Action cam on the roof rack. Enjoy the race through Tour des Fjords, May 2014 with Team Osterhus Ridley.